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As a leading global heat pump manufacturer, NEOS is known around the industry for its quality Swimming Pool Heat Pump and High-temperature Heat Pump technologies.

The Swimming Pool Heat Pump is bestselling NEOS product in Germany, and NEOS supplies a wide range of products to meet the diverse demands of major purchasers around the globe. In addition, NEOS’s Swimming Pool Heat Pump can, based on a user’s individual demand, be used with NEOS’s Swimming Pool Dehumidifier Heat Pump in order to achieve consistent outdoor/indoor swimming pool temperatures and humidity.

As one of NEOS’s important products, NEOS’s Room Heating/Cooling Heat Pump can meet both home heating/cooling needs and domestic water heating needs. It has an excellent low-temperature heating performance.

The Industrial/Agricultural Heat Pump Dryer, developed exclusively by NEOS, is a significant product filling production gaps in the international market. It delivers a maximum temperature of up to 80℃ at a power consumption rate that is one fifth that of conventional dryers, making it the perfect alternative to traditional industrial dryers. Currently it has been used widely in printing industries in Europe, North America and Asia.