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NEOS CORP is one of the largest manufacturers of Swimming Pool Heat Pumps and Heat Pump Water Heaters in Germany. With more than 200 national patents covering heat pumps and heat pump technologies, NEOS has built up a complete heat pump industrial chain. Additionally, NEOS has developed hardware and software for intelligent device control, allowing customers to customize their NEOS devices according to their personalized requirements. NEOS provides high-end users integrated energy-saving solutions and products including Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers, Swimming Pool Heat Pumps, Room Heating Heat Pumps, and Industrial Heat Pumps home and abroad.

Market Overview

As an international enterprise, NEOS attaches great importance to Europe market, exporting more than 50 percent of its products to North America , Middle East, Australia, Asia and other developed regions.
In each of its operation services, NEO’s top priority is to ensure the reliability and quality of its products and to meet the technical & professional certifications of overseas markets.